The Journey


As I walk this path

On this journey called “Life”



Being met with strife

I look up  ahead

To see what’s coming next

All the ducking

And dodging

Trying to miss the B.S.

I reach a fork in the road

Now I’m in full distress


A fork in the path

In my mind

A crossroad




Proceed cautiously I tell myself

Pick the right way to go

At the time left feels right

So I go full steam ahead

Keeping my dreams in sight

Through all the pain

I tell myself to fight

A little further up

I reach the bridge

The last part of my journey

Of making this dream real

But the middle is gone

I grow increasingly frustrated

There’s no other way

I have to find a way around it

I get creative

Making it to the other side


The only thing

Between me and my dreams

Is Me

I wrote this to try to encourage you to follow your dreams. Life happens and I get that but I was always taught “where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.” Be steadfast in your pursuit because anything worth having won’t come easy. Personally, I am working towards my dream of owning my own business and the road has been very challenging but I know it will happen. So, until next time, stay focused and be blessed.


What I’ve Been up to

I know it’s been a while since my last post but I have been really busy. So, now, I just have to figure out where to begin. Creatively I have been experiencing some writer’s block so I haven’t been able to give you any new material. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that I will get those creative juices flowing again. I just don’t know exactly when.

So to bring you up to date on me, I went back to school. I have a passion for cooking so I wanted to learn more about it. So, at my age (yes I’m a little old), I went back to school to get degrees in Business Management, Culinary Arts, and Baking and Pastries. My ultimate goal is to open my own business. So, yes, I can cook.

I am 2/3 of the wway with school after I completed the Business Managment and Culinary Arts degree in December. By the time I finish in the fall of this year, I will have completed all three degrees. I was also offered a chance to be on a competition team for school. I have also placed second ina chili cookoff 2 years in a row.

So, here’s a few pics of some of my creations that show my growth since this journey began and I will keep you all posted as I continue to master my craft.

In My Absence

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In my absence

How would things be

Would there still



And tranquility

In my absence

If I watched from above

Will those closest to me

Still feel my love

My presence

My protection and such

In my absence

Would my family still flourish

From the love


And precious moments we shared

In my absence

Who will rise

Exhibiting the legacy

That was left behind

With courage




And compassion

A reflection of me

With every action

In my absence

What will people say

Did I touch their life

In a special way

Was I a positive influence

A deciding factor

A blueprint

If you will

A teacher



And all the many hats I wore

In my absence

I pray that it was plain to see

The many mistakes I’ve made

I was just trying to be me

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Returning Soon

Hi my faithful followers.  I know it has been a while since I last posted and I sincerely apologize. Part of the reason is because I have had a creative block.  I am slowly coming out of it now so I’m hoping that soon my creative juices will get to flowing like normal.  Secondly,  I returned to school so I have been very busy with tons of homework. With that being said, rest assured that I have not forgotten about or abandoned you my faithful readers.  In the meantime, I decided to re-post a poem that is very special to me.  I hope you enjoy.


Stay tuned and thanks for being patient!!!!!!

For My Followers Both New and Old

Hi everyone. I know it’s been a while since I posted and I apologize to you my readers. I have been extremely busy with school and work the past few months. Yes I did say school. I went back to get my degree in Business Management so that I can realize my dream of owning my own business.  So far things are going very well even though it’s been years since I was in a class setting. What have you all been up to? Feel free to comment and open some dialogue and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for your continued reading and support of my poetry.


Just A Thought

I’ve been thinking

Very deeply at times

About how

The world

We live in

Has changed over time

Technological advances


Environmental as well

But as I began to ponder

My curiosity swelled

How did this world start

I began searching for answers

Discovering many amazing things

But yet still

No definitive answer

I know the Bible

And I’m not disputing that fact

But I feel there’s more to the story

I’m slowly starting to see

The information I have found

Is more like puzzle pieces

One day

In the near future

I hope I can find

The answers to my question

Seemingly lost in time

I Desire


Inside I desire

To be all I can be

A husband

A father

A son to the Almighty

Inside I desire

To make my family proud

To let them know

No matter what

I have them without a doubt

Inside I desire

To connect with my spirit man

Grow him

Nourish him

Enable him to do God’s plan

Inside I desire

To be self sufficient financially

The entrepreneur

The leader

I was born to be

Inside I desire

To be many things

So I strive daily

To reach that mark

No matter the obstacles before me


Inside I desire

That when I leave here

My family’s ok

No Struggles

No worries

Just living life

Day to day

Inside I desire

For them to know I gave my ALL

I never stopped fighting

Even when I started to fall

A symbol excellence

My daughters have a mark

A standard of measure

When they grow old enough

To embark

In personal relationships

Their mate has to attain

The example I gave

And fought to maintain